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5 Facts That Nobody Told You About Concrete

5 Facts That Nobody Told You About Concrete – South Wales Concrete Pumping

At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we deal with concrete on a daily basis. As the cornerstone of our industry, concrete is something we know the in’s & outs of, fully understanding the qualities it can bring the commercial & industrial sector. From this, there are a few points & facts that a lot of people would be interested in knowing! We decided to collate a few uncommon facts about concrete, going over things that most people wouldn’t know.

Construction Site1. Concrete is the most used material!

It’ll come to no shock to a lot of our readers that concrete is one of the most used materials in the world! Coming second to water (as a consumed resource), concrete is abundantly used in every major city, country & continent. Concrete has amazing qualities that make it the best material for creating hard-wearing structures that’ll stay standing for decades, if not centuries.

2. Reinforced concrete is the only material that is fire & water resistant!

Concrete is naturally fireproof as it doesn’t burn! Concrete also won’t release toxic fumes when in contact with flames. This is why it’s widely used a fire shield to great effect since it’s thermal properties make it a great fire retardant.

Concrete also has great resistive qualities to water if used with special membranes. These special blends are able to make concrete practically waterproof! Depending on the usage, particular types/blends of concrete are ideal for structures that are below ground. This is why reinforced concrete is such a popular material for underwater structures, as it’s properties make it a much more suitable material compared to steel or wood.

3. Concrete has amazing compression qualities

Concrete is one of the hardest non-metal materials that can be used on large scale structures. This is because of concrete’s incredible compressive strength since concrete does become denser over time. This is why older structures that pre-date modern society are still standing! For large structures, concrete the best material we have. It’s superb strength as well as it’s stablity makes is an amazing construction material.

4. Concrete gets stronger with age!

Concrete does actually strengthen with time as the chemical hydration process compounds the aggregate together. Curing occurs as soon as the concrete is moisture free, leaving the concrete to strengthen & harden. Over time the density of concrete will increase, resulting in a stronger material with age.

Watering the concrete once it is cured is actually a proven method in strengthening concrete. The longer the hydration/curing period is, the stronger the concrete will be! The only thing to consider is the fact that the concrete will shrink and expand as it cures. This could cause fitment issues if your concrete structure has to join/interact with another fitting/structure.

5. Concrete is one of the most diverse building materials

Concrete is an amazing substance to build with since it has so many qualities that make it the ultimate construction material. Whilst it isn’t the lightest material, the density & strength of concrete makes it ideal for so many uses. Concrete can be shaped & moulded into many forms, taking on the look & style of whatever you intend it to be.

In summary, concrete is an amazing material for those looking to build structures that are hard wearing & robust. South Wales Concrete Pumping are leading experts in the industry, with decades of experience providing industrial & commercial clients with professional concrete services. We have a lot of experience in the field, making us one of the go-to providers for anything to do with concrete! Visit our website to find out more about our other services or visit our page on Concrete Cardiff

Worker guiding a concrete pump

What is Concrete Pumping and Why Does it Matter?

When you’re working on/managing a construction project, it’s vital that time restraints & deadlines are met & managed properly. Unessecary expenditure of labour or time is a huge killer of construction projects & everyone in the industry knows that wasting time & money is a bitter pill to swallow. In most modern building sites, concrete pumping acts as a vital tool due to the amount of time & resources it can save. A concrete pump is ultimately far quicker than any human manually laying concrete!

Worker guiding a concrete pumpWhat is concrete pumping?

Concrete pumping is the process of transporting unset concrete to a specific location. The concrete “pump” is usually an engine-driven machine that pumps the concrete through thick tubes wherever the site needs it. Whether it’s on top of a housing development or it’s the floor screed of a new industrial warehouse, concrete pumps are able to provide a diverse range of benefits.

There is a range of different concrete pumps that are on the market. There are specific models that are best suited for certain uses depending on the requirements of the user. Smaller concrete pumps are ideal for domestic sites whereas large diesel pumps are a better fit for industrial scale projects.

Most concrete suppliers are able to provide the concrete pump itself as well as the concrete since it makes sense for the supplier to provide both. Concrete can be mixed onsite or delivered straight to your site. These conveniences make acquiring concrete for any site much simpler than it has been before since you’re only having to deal with one supplier for everything! One supplier, one contact & one delivery!

Why does concrete pumping matter?

Like we’ve mentioned before, concrete pumping is a hugely advantageous tool for those that are looking to speed up the progress of their construction site. Laying concrete with a concrete pumping can save a lot of time over manual labourers hand laying the same amount. It’s much easier for large amounts of concrete to be pumped into the intended location, especially if the required location has restricted access.

This brings us to another great advantage concrete pumping can bring to your project, as concrete pumps can make use of cranes. Construction sites aren’t always going to be easy to access hence why restricted access pumps are very handy if you need them. A pipe/hose can be lifted up or down into a hard to reach area, still making use of the speedy concrete laying as you would anywhere else.

Where can I find a good concrete pumping service?

Finding a good concrete pumping provider will all depend on your needs. Certain providers may be better suited for your use, but not for others. It all depends on what you need to have fulfilled & your surrounding factors like budget, timescale & environment. Experience says a lot about a company, since standing the test of time in a competitive industry is a good sign of a companies level of service & how cost effective their offerings actually are. A company that also has great reviews that are legitimate is a good sign since it takes a good service to prompt people to leave good feedback! Mediocre service usually warrants a mediocre response.

If you’re looking for a professional concrete pumping service for your commercial or industrial construction project in South Wales, we have you covered. We’re able to offer a wide range of services & products that can save you time & money with your site. Call the number on our homepage and speak to one of our advisors – Concrete Cardiff. They will discuss your needs/requirements & try and help you find the best service for your site.


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