Different Types of Concrete

Different Types of Concrete

Different Types of Concrete – South Wales Concrete Pumping

There are many different types of concrete available out there. We have gone through and gathered some of the main types that you may need some further information about. We hope that providing you with some benefits of the different types of construction material listed will help you make an informed decision on what material is best for your needs.

Different Types of ConcretePre Mixed

This type of concrete is renown for being very versatile and easy to use. The construction material will arrive at the site of construction pre-mixed and ready to be used for the required purpose. This construction material is also very cost effective as all the transportation and the mixing of the material is taken care of compared to other materials that must be transported by yourself. This uses up time and money and this is why pre-mixed concrete is considered one of the best options available. We have discussed the benefits of pre-mixed concrete further in our latest blog. Take a look at our new blog – Top 5 Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete. (more…)


FAQ – Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping FAQ

Why would I need concrete pumping?

Concrete pumping is best saved for jobs where access restrictions and time are a problem. These problems include:

  • If your pour site is located in a building, at a large height or underground.
  • If the mixer cannot get close enough to the location where concrete is required.
  • If you are behind schedule on your project and you need to get the concrete poured quickly.
  • When it is not physically possible to transport concrete using manpower
  • When surrounding grounds is not even or suitable for wheel barrows


Ready Mix Concrete Cardiff

Ready Mix Concrete Cardiff

Ready Mix Concrete Cardiff – South Wales Concrete Pumping

South Wales Concrete Pumping has been able to build a great reputation in the industry. This is just one of the reasons why we’re a leading provider of concrete in Cardiff. From ready-mix concrete to concrete pumping services, we’re able to offer it all! Whether you’re a trade or commercial customer, we’re able to In essence that you can expect the most effective services from South Wales Concrete Pumping. For more information about our concrete services, visit our page on Ready Mix Concrete Cardiff

Now that you’ve decided to begin your construction project, it could be best to consider concrete pumping services. There are many benefits you will enjoy once you go searching for such services. South Wales Concrete Pumping is among the companies that you can consider of those and other associated services. The company has been in existence for some time hence rendering it experienced in providing concrete pumping services. (more…)

Concrete Newport

Concrete Newport

Concrete Newport

We know how time-consuming a big construction project can be, and that’s why we like to help alleviate the stress of trying to organise concrete. We are equipped for, not merely dispensing the concrete but pumping the concrete around your site to anywhere you need it, providing your workforce time to focus on their tasks. There is absolutely no venture too big. We are able to produce however much concrete you might need to complete any project, and our highly trained driver operators can deliver it to the remotest construction sites in Newport.

We work we have got the concrete for your requirements. At South Wales Concrete Pumping, our company offers the very best and speediest suppliswed concrete in South Wales for when you’d like it, ensuring your project proceeds as effortlessly as possible. For swift and inexpensive concrete in Newport, phone 01633 860 645 or visit our website for more information – Concrete Newport (more…)


Concrete Pumping Swansea

Concrete Pumping Swansea – South Wales Concrete Pumping

If you work in the construction industry then you know how vital concrete pumping is to certain tasks. There may be certain obstacles that need to be overcome to progress in a construction project. Concrete is a sturdy, durable & cost-effective material, which is why it is extensively used in the construction of most if not all modern buildings. This is also why concrete pumps are such a preferred accessory for any construction project; a structure might make use of either concrete blocks or poured concrete. Concrete pumps deal with mixed cement, that you can use in lots of ways that! Most construction workers can reap some benefits any building project small or big. For more information about our pumping services in Swansea please visit our page: Concrete Pumping Swansea

An element that people forget is the genuine logistics behind the pumping of the cement. Placing concrete into places that are either high up or hard to reach would take manual workers a lot longer. This is among the benefits of a concrete pump, as a single hose is enough to pump the necessary amount of materials you’ll need.

Concrete Pumping Swansea

Concrete Pumping Swansea

Concrete Pumps – Find what best suits your project:

There are two main categories of concrete pumps: the boom pump and also the line pump. Boom pumps are ground-based devices of big proportions, having a crane or boom arm of varying lengths. This motorised hoist holds the length of rubberised or plastic tubing, feeding the liquid materials to the destination. This type of concrete pump is particularly useful for high buildings that need to have concrete poured. The boom pump is normally truck- mounted, with a big open reservoir by which mixed cement is continually added. The engine powers a driveshaft into the round chamber at the base of the reservoir. The load of the cement pushes it into this holding chamber. The concrete is forced through the air-tight chamber & up the boom, allowing liquid concrete to be pumped through.

From concrete bases for sheds, swimming pools to hot tubs to industrial building projects, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Line Pump – Concrete Pumping

The line pump we provide is portable and is recommended for smaller household jobs, even though we view merit in making use of these for more palatable pieces in industrial projects also. Line pumps consist of a diesel-powered energy motor mounted on the back of a vehicle or perhaps a truck. The motor controls a sizeable worm gear in the centre of the funnel, and at the end of this worm gear, an extended rubber or plastic pipe is connected.

With a concrete mixer, the concrete is poured into the channel & also the turning worm gear pushes it through the tube. Generally, collection pumps are used to fill up wood or metal forms for several structures. such as cement slabs in order to fill supports. Pumps, however, are extremely flexible, being able to pump all types of materials such as floor screed and just concrete lounging on the floor. As long as it’s liquid, the pumps can disperse it to your intended location.

Depending on the needs and requirements of the construction project, a boom pump or a line pump will be necessary. You’ll find the costs differ with respect to the model, capability and type of concrete pump motor, but usually, it will require a substantial expense. However, numerous buildings will not have been feasible without cement pumps, so it’s an essential expense.

Small Scale Concrete Pumps – Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping In Swansea

Concrete Pumping In Swansea

The truck-mounted pump is available in a range of different sizes and has a number of different boom options. Each concrete pump is manufactured to the highest specification using durable materials that will ensure years of reliable use and cost-effective operating costs. Most vehicle-mounted pumps include larger hydraulic pumps so these bigger systems are better suited to operations that require large quantities

We get asked to pump concrete in areas that have restricted access. This is where our concrete mini pumps will be able to help. Our pumps enable you to pump concrete where it’s needed, allowing you to solidify your establishment and help you complete the entire project within a short amount of time. Best of all, we will mix, deliver, and pour your concrete to ensure it gets done correctly. Regardless of what project or site you’re working on, our concrete pumps can help!

For companies searching for smaller cement pump, the mobile line pump may be the ideal solution. This is the smallest vehicle mounted pump in the range & offers a great option for isolated & restricted areas. The extendable boom arm guarantees that concrete can be delivered to the remotest or tightest of sites. Boom pumps can be extended both vertically & horizontally, making it the most versatile piece of equipment.

It’s important that we provide a service that’s accessible to any construction site, making sure their needs are catered for. A company such as South Wales Concrete Pumping will provide outstanding concrete pumping solutions. If you’re looking for a reliable concrete pumping service in Swansea, we can help. South Wales Concrete Pumping has been providing a reliable service for years. Visit our page on Concrete Pumping Swansea or call us at 01633 860645 to speak to our advisors.

Concrete Swansea

Concrete Swansea

Concrete Swansea – South Wales Concrete Pumping

First of all, Concrete is an essential material used in modern day construction. From your residential homes to your industrial buildings, concrete is used everywhere. Finding a reliable supplier of said concrete can be difficult especially when you’re in a city like Swansea as a quick internet search gives you a plethora of choices of concrete suppliers. Rather than stabbing the dark for a decent concrete pumping supplier, you could take a look at who leads the industry in Swansea. South Wales Concrete Pumping is one the leading providers of concrete services in Swansea and the rest of South Wales. With thousands of happy customers both domestic & trade, South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the only concrete providers to be widely recognised and recommended by the masses. Visit our site on to find out more about our Concrete Swansea service.

Professional Concrete Swansea

Professional Concrete Swansea

When you’re looking for a professional concrete provider, you could be in need of a particular service. Luckily South Wales Concrete Pumping provides a wide range of concrete services. From dry and wet concrete screeding to concrete pumping, South Wales Concrete Pumping is a leading example of what a concrete company should be. Reliable, consistent and affordable!

Here at South Wales Concrete Pumping, we specialise in providing concrete all over the South Wales region, working with partners across Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and Bristol. This gives people a great amount of convenience as we can provide concrete from a much closer distance.

About us:

South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the most reliable concrete providers to both commercial and domestic sites in South Wales. With years of experience providing all types of services to the communities & trades of Swansea, we understand the locale and realise what the people need. We pride ourselves on a quality service and product and want to offer nothing but the best to our customers.

If you are trying to find a suitable concrete provider, then South Wales Concrete Pumping can be the best supplier for you. We provide domestic and commercial concrete around the Swansea area to any project big or small. When trying to source a reliable concrete supplier, many are tempted to skip this stage but it does pay off to purchase concrete from a large supplier like us as we can cater for any sized project.

South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the largest trade concrete suppliers in the South Wales region, offering concrete pumping solutions to hundreds of sites. As a result, our sourced concrete all adheres to BSEN9001 so you are guaranteed quality concrete. We have been supplying professional concrete pumping to our customers for years so you know you are getting a reliable supplier that provides a quality service.

Our facilities

We use industrial level facilities to create a high-quality product used by hundreds of construction sites around South Wales & Swansea. Our team can produce a variety of different mixes and products depending on your needs. We understand there are many different needs that can be facilitated by a concrete solution. From concrete screed to ready-mix concrete, We can provide a product that fits your needs exactly. With on tap concrete, we can usually provide on the spot concrete with the only wait being delivery. This is great if you find you need more or less concrete on site.

Our advisors can also help you give a rough estimate of the volume of concrete you may need to fill your area which will help with initial quotes and consultations. If you have any special requirements in terms of the volume then don’t be afraid to call us and we can assist you with your needs over the phone.

Our fleet of vehicles & concrete pumps means we can provide any product you may need to deliver and/or distribute the concrete to your site. Whether you need a large mixer for a commercial site, or a small pumping truck to fill your floor screed in your home.

What can a concrete pump be used for? – Concrete Swansea

A concrete pump is defined as a piece of machinery that is usually powered by a diesel engine. The engine powers a pump to suck through concrete through an industrial tube so that it can be transported with great ease. It’s this concept that results in a fantastic tool to save time in even the smallest of construction jobs since you’re able to lay huge amounts of material in a very short space of time. The time savings alone make a concrete pump a worthwhile investment, let alone the savings you could make with labour costs. It only takes a handful of workers to operate a concrete pump, so you’re able to allocate your workers elsewhere.

With years of experience providing Concrete Swansea, our workers are known for providing concise, professional and reliable work when it matters the most. We are a CSCS and CPCS registered company which means our service is held to the highest standard. We undergo regular checks and tests to make sure that we are offering the best product & service so that we uphold the prestige and quality that comes with being CSCS and CPCS registered. From industrial or domestic concrete laying to liquid screeding for foundation work, we are fully equipped to manage & direct your concrete pumping.

If you are considering a concrete pump for your project, then South Wales Concrete Pumping has the best solution for you. From screed or aggregate, let us know so we can help you with your needs! Visit our website for more information about Concrete Swansea or call us on 01633 860645

Finding a professional concrete provider:

With so many budding property developers & renovators, the need for good quality concrete has increased exponentially. With so much urban development happening in Wales, proper concrete supply whether it be on a domestic or commercial level has become increasingly important in order to support the growth that we’re seeing in all major cities like Cardiff, Swansea & Newport. If you yourself are looking for a company to provide concrete for either residential & commercial projects, what type of criteria are you using to find a reliable provider? We take a close look at what makes a leading provider and why using them is a good idea!

The first thing we make sure of is that the provider you’re choosing has the inventory to supply. Otherwise, the provider of your concrete really isn’t capable of providing anything. If they are a small firm that only deals with low volume projects, then it may not be the best company for you. If you’re looking for concrete for commercial purposes, you’ll need a larger company. When looking at a company, you can make a judgement on their scale as a general rule of thumb on the types & sizes of projects they’re dealing with.

A single worker with a small concrete pump won’t be able to cope with your commercial demands. Because of the larger quantaties involved in commercial jobs, you need much bigger equipment. Asking the concrete supplier in question if they’re able to provide the raw material for your project isn’t considered a rude question. It’s important to know how much they can actually handle so that they aren’t going to strain their processes by completing your order. This also minimises downtime too, as you won’t be waiting for your order to be fulfilled if any logistical errors occur.


Why you should choose us:

If you’re leading part of a large construction project then you can understand the difficulties of downtime, which is why a company like South Wales Concrete Pumping makes sure they’re on top of all factors of transport and supply. South Wales Concrete Pumping has worked with some of the biggest companies in Wales. Dealing with a plethora of different sized jobs, giving them an extensive understanding of all types of requirements!

When it comes to concrete supply, distance and location come into play. In this case, there’s something to be said for using a local supplier. National companies don’t always have distribution centres/concrete supplies near your location. This means your concrete is being delivered from hundreds of miles away. This increases the chance of delays, logistical errors and everything else that may delay your work. Working with a company that is able to provide concrete locally also means they’re able to supply materials & vehicles at very short notice.

Imagine if you’ve hired a concrete boom pump from a company that is 100’s miles away & that pump breaks down. That company won’t be able to do anything to rectify the issue for at least a day. A local company can send out a technician to repair the pump, or even send out a new one.

A cornerstone product that we offer is our concrete pumping service. Concrete pumping is a service something that most sites consider. The benefits it can bring to a construction site are huge & are worth considering since it can reduce overheads. Concrete pumping will reduce the time spent laying concrete especially in large areas where other methods would be slower.

Misconceptions About Concrete

A widespread myth about concrete that floats is that concrete will dry as it sets but the opposite is true! It seems like a lot of people believe this myth. Damp concrete sets much better than dry concrete. Most if not all types of concrete strengthen as they are drying. This means that too much water can be counterproductive to the curing.

Curing allows concrete to reach its optimal strength, which makes it essential if concrete is being used to bear weight. Curing is a process that occurs after the concrete has been applied. Concrete is usually fully cured after four weeks of curing achieving around 90% of its overall strength. This is disregarding aggregates & reinforcements like rebar since these can both increase curing time as well as increasing strength.

While concrete is curing, the climate of the concrete does need to be monitored and controlled carefully. Climate will affect the curing heavily, therefore making it vital to the success of the curing process. Concrete suppliers often spray curing compounds to speed up the hardening process. Some providers will also use water retaining films, which makes the curing is in its ideal climate to harden.

Are you looking for a commercial concrete supplier in the Swansea area? If so, South Wales Concrete Pumping is your solution! Our teams can be of assistance as we can supply you with a huge range of concrete services. Choose from our range to help you finish your construction project on or ahead of schedule. Our services are fully inclusive and are catered for every project, so inquire with us today on – 01633 860645 and visit our page: Concrete Swansea for more information.


Liquid Screed Cardiff

Liquid Screed Cardiff

A professionally laid screed floor can increase the lifespan of your flooring exponentially, making sure the flooring lasts as long as the rest of the building should! A professional liquid screed provider will be able to provide a quality service that is not only reliable but consistent job to job. Liquid screed shouldn’t change from batch to batch as you don’t want one floor that is different to the next. Good liquid screed companies will have a pre-mixed screed that they can depend on. (For direct contact with our team about our Liquid Screed Cardiff service please visit our contact page here)

Choosing the right company

Liquid Screed Cardiff

Liquid Screed Cardiff

Poorer quality companies will undoubtedly be estimating mixtures, giving inconsistent and unreliable results when it comes to the lifespan and performance of screed floors. Work that is poorly carried out won’t be worth the materials it’s used since the screed would have cured incorrectly and would have most likely left a poor quality finish too. Poor quality work can also cost the property since it could take thousands to uproot the dried screed in order to repair the shoddy work. Bad quality screed can also cause major structural issues & ramifications so it’s best to rely on a liquid screed provider that knows what they’re doing!

When people in the trade consider consistent and reliable work, they think about South Wales Concrete Pumping. We are an independent liquid screed provider that has been serving Cardiff and surrounding areas for years. We are one of the most popular companies for liquid screed and other forms of concrete pumping in South Wales and indeed the South West, providing reliable services for both commercial projects as well as domestic.

With decades of experience between our office and concrete teams, we’re a uniform unit that provides nothing but a quality service for our clients. We like to perpetuate friendship and loyalty with our customers since it’s our client base that makes up what we’re about here at South Wales Concrete Pumping. With a rich history of knowledge and experience, we’re the only leading provider of liquid screed and other concrete pumping services that you can rely on! No hidden fee’s, no difficulty and no fuss!

Based in South Wales, we’re an accredited contractor providing all types of liquid screed. We’ve helped thousands of people complete their construction project, laying quality screed for whatever purpose they require. If you’re interested in our previous projects, you can take a look at our gallery page to see what and who we’ve worked with before! If you have any enquiries for our team you can reach them through our contact form or call our friendly office staff to discuss your projects!

Liquid Screed Cardiff – Underfloor Heating

There are several benefits that liquid screed can bring you that traditional screeds like sand and cement mixtures cannot. Liquid screed is the preferred choice when it comes to installing underfloor heating and there are a few reasons why that is.

Liquid screed has unique characteristics that make it very effective in the transfer of heat. As a material, it’s very effective in its transfer of heat, taking the warmth from heating elements like the ones used in underfloor heating, and spreading that heat evenly across itself. It’s these properties that make it such a great material to use with underfloor heating, making it much more efficient and actually reducing the running costs of underfloor heating.

Liquid Screed In Cardiff

Liquid Screed In Cardiff

Liquid screed leaves no voids underneath the flooring when used with underfloor heating since the screed flows freely around the heating pipes. No voids in the screed will mean that there is a better transfer of heat, allowing the heat to diffuse itself evenly across the screed floor.

Even when used without under-floor heating, liquid screed still has great benefits over traditional sand and cement screed. New forms of liquid screed are much more viscous & robust than traditional forms of liquid screed meaning it can be possible to reduce the thickness of liquid screed to much thinner levels when dispensed.

Liquid screed doesn’t have to be used in combination with underfloor heating, as it can be a great material for flooring itself! When it comes to finishing a building, liquid screed is an effective material just about anyway you can use it! With its ability to be dispensed easily and quickly, liquid screed is a material that will save you time and money regardless of the project you’re in. Liquid screed, if pumped correctly can be cured to an amazing finish, leaving no need for further work to polish or finish the surface of the flooring!

Liquid Screed Curing

Liquid screed can also dry in record time, allowing for further and quicker progress to be made in your construction project. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a commercial or domestic scale service, everyone can benefit from a quicker service with less waiting periods. In ideal weather and humidity conditions, forms of liquid screed that we provide can be dry in 24 to 48 hours! Curing will take longer but the screed will be ready for light use in this short period of time! This allows you to progress with other aspects of your building project, increasing productivity and reducing downtime & delay!

Like we’ve stated before, we’ve helped thousands of clients across South Wales with their building projects, from Newport, Swansea, Port Talbot & Cardiff. We’re proud to be a leading provider of liquid screed and other types of concrete and take pride in the service we offer.

What is liquid screed? Is it the same as ready-mix screed?

Liquid screed & ready-mixed concrete are made out of the same fundamental materials, like cement, aggregate & water. The main difference between screed & concrete is the size of the aggregate used & the consistency of the overall mix. There are also different types of cement used but this is only needed for certain uses.

There is a range of commercial & industrial uses for screed, which means that the three listed ingredients can change to better suit a particular use. Liquid screed will tend to use finer concrete & aggregates in order to flow better as well as set better as it’s largely used for flooring.

Liquid Screed – Benefits For Your Construction Project

Screed has not always been as refined & useful as it is now, with failure in screed becoming commonplace on sites that have employed unreliable providers. These novice companies will be using cheaper mixes for their screed, rendering the final product shoddy & cheap. Because of this, contractors and engineers alike have to be careful who they can rely on to provide a quality screed mix, and who they have to avoid. Luckily South Wales Concrete Pumping has a proven track record with thousands of commercial partners in Cardiff, supplying sites with quality liquid screed for whatever purpose they require.

Liquid screed, as the name suggests is screed that is able to be pumped through a concrete pump. Whether it be a huge boom pump for a 40 story skyscraper or a trailer-mounted pump for a smaller job, liquid screed makes easy work of any task you throw at it. We have specialist mixes that are suitable for all uses, with floor screeding being a huge one. We’ve helped many construction sites with their flooring, providing quality liquid screed that they can rely on. We also have a range of special access vehicles that enable us to access any construction site where there may be restricted access, as we’ve found that no one construction site is the same. We’re ready for all eventualities,

Why Choose South Wales Concrete Pumping?

Leading Quality – When it comes to a quality product, South Wales Concrete Pumping understands what it really means. Quality doesn’t just come in pre-mixed screeds, as it takes industry knowledge to understand what goes into a quality screed mix. We’re held to the highest EU & UK quality standards, making sure our product meets the array of quality & consistency checks. We don’t want any human errors to seep into our end product, so we carry out stringent checks to ensure that every screed order is met with the highest quality.

We make sure that we aren’t a “one batch” company, making sure our product is as good as the last batch. Consistency is key as we want our clients to come back so that we can develop professional relationships to continue to work with each other!

Convenience – This may be an odd benefit, but what we’re really trying to say is that we can take the load off your back when it comes to organising screed. We’re keen to provide a straightforward service that takes the stress away from managing liquid screed, offering our expertise so that you don’t have to bother yourself with the hassle. Rest assured, our service speaks for itself, so quality nor affordability should be a problem when it comes to our liquid screed service!

Saves Site Space – Our liquid screed isn’t going to be stored on site since we’ll provide vehicles to store & transport the screed to where it’s needed! This is why our service is favoured by big and small construction sites alike since we don’t clutter any site space with onsite screed. We provide it, and it’s pumped where it needs to be on the day!

We have a few common uses for our liquid screed below:

  • House floors
  • Conservatory floors
  • Shed/garden-room floors or bases
  • Moulded Steps
  • Garage floors
  • Industrial Floors

When it comes to liquid screed, quality is key. It’s important to not scrimp on the quality of your screed as it’s usually one of the main parts of the building that you’ll see when the construction has finished! Your project is only as good as the materials you build it with, so ensure top quality with South Wales concrete Pumping!

If you would like more information about the liquid screed service as well as liquid screed in Cardiff, take a look at the rest of our website for more informative articles or give our team an email or call today and speak to one of our advisors! We take an active role in helping our clients so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us! Visit our page to find out more about our liquid screed – Liquid Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff
Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed in Cardiff Provided by South Wales Concrete Pumping

South Wales Concrete Pumping supply floor screed and concrete pumping to Cardiff and the surrounding towns in South Wales, such as Newport, Swansea and Pontypool. With a highly qualified and knowledgeable team, there is no concrete pumping or floor screed job that is too complicated or big. Our concrete pumping is suitable for any job including those with difficult access or complex form owork configurations. We have been CSCS approved to be a professional and reliable concrete laying and floor screed Cardiff installation company in Cardiff and South Wales. For more information about Floor Screed Cardiff please visit our page today. (more…)

Ready Mix Concrete Swansea South Wales

Ready Mix Concrete Swansea

Ready Mix Concrete Swansea

Needing a reliable, ready-mix concrete supplier is an odd requirement but something a lot of us find ourselves needing. Whether your needs are as small as a shed base in your home or driveway to the construction of a multi-storey building, the most crucial step is to know understand your needs and to inquire with a reliable concrete supplier like South Wales Concrete Pumping. Visit our site on Ready Mix Concrete Swansea for more information about our ready-mix services!

Concrete is an important material used in everyday work sites, from your residential projects to commercial buildings, concrete is used everywhere you see! Trying to find a reliable provider for ready mix concrete can be difficult when you’re met with a lot of providers claiming they’re efficient and dependable. It’s difficult to find a provider that truly delivers a second to none service. SW Concrete Pumping is a leading provider of ready-mix concrete Swansea to all trade and domestic customers! If you are interested in finding out more about ready mix concrete and the benefits, please visit our website on Ready Mix Concrete Swansea or call us on 01633 860645

Once you can quantify your concrete needs in volume, your next consideration should be on how you are going to get the concrete delivered to the worksite. Ready-mix concrete is something you should consider since it combines the delivery & mixing process so that you can use the concrete straight away.

Ready-mix concrete is a considerable time and resource saver since it’s incredibly convenient by combining two processes at once. Rather than storing raw materials at your work site and then having to mix it at will, ready-mix offers concrete whenever you need it; pre-mixed ready for application. No labour has to be used to combine the materials as it’s already mixed! We have a few excellent points below that give you a few reasons on why ready mix should be your choice in concrete!

Reasons why you should consider ready-mix! – Ready Mix Concrete Swansea

Reduced Work: Using ready-mix concrete minimises both builders & labourers work since it takes less time to prepare raw materials as it’s already mixed. All workers on site can now focus their attention on applying the material which helps save time and also cost on overall labour which can help save you money. Having concrete readily available rather than having to mix it every time you need it is a considerable efficiency shortcut, and it’ll keep labourer frustrations to a minimum.

Savings: Using ready-mix concrete doesn’t require labour much labour at the work site, removing the need to allocate workers to mix concrete. You can also save on resources, not only concerning general cost since builders can save time which otherwise might be used up in finding and hiring labourers for your worksite.

On a domestic level, you can also help save your own time and money by using ready-mix concrete since mixing concrete DIY can be incredibly tedious & complicated. Smaller tasks like filling cracks could be carried out on a DIY basis, but a new driveway has to be done on a slightly larger scale. From shed bases to new patios, ready-mix concrete is a real time and money saver when it comes to how much time you’re going to be saving.

Quality Control: Since ready-mix is mechanically mixed, consistency and quality are assured as everything is quantified to the gram. Ready-mix concrete will always be more consistent than hand mixing. If you need durable concrete for a weight-bearing application, you should always use mechanically processed concrete so that you can rely on the consistency of your construction project.

The better the concrete is mixed, the better the material will cure. Curing allows the concrete to achieve its full strength which is essential for weight bearing applications. Curing is the process by which the concrete hardens. Many people think it’s better for concrete to dry while it’s curing but having the correct humidity is vital for the full curing process to occur. Concrete is usually fully cured after 3 to 4 weeks. After this duration of time, the concrete is at around 90% of its full strength capacity making it serviceable to work with. This is ideal for floor screeds etc. that may require tiling, carpet or floorboards above the screed.

Using Ready-Mix Concrete Swansea is far better than mixing materials onsite. Even if you’re paying slightly more for ready mix, the time and labour savings you’ll make from using pre-mixed materials makes it a worthy venture for your domestic or commercial scale worksite. If you are thinking about ready-mix concrete, then South Wales Concrete Pumping can help you. Their advisors can help inform you about the services you may need to fulfil your requirements. Visit our website for Ready Mix Concrete Swansea or call our team on 01633 860645




Concrete Bristol

Concrete Pumping Services In Bristol

Concrete pumps are used to transfer liquid concrete by pumping it through lines so that you can pump concrete too hard to reach areas. Concrete pumps come in a range of sizes but are usually meant for larger construction requirements. It’s the reach they are able to get that makes them incredibly useful especially for dynamic construction sites that need particular machinery to be able to pump concrete into the desired location. Concrete pumps are a valid staple in the construction industry, so if you’re in need of a concrete boom pump to pump concrete in Bristol then you should keep reading the article to find out more! Visit our page on Concrete Bristol for more information about our concrete Bristol services.

Concrete BristolOur company has been reliably providing concrete in the Bristol for years. We can schedule our work to comply with your time table, making sure the delivery of the concrete is precisely on time, avoiding unnecessary stress, frustration and cost since you don’t have to be waiting around for a concrete truck that has been delayed.

We take pride in our quality concrete services making sure our relationship with our clients is as strong as our product! You aren’t going to get a better service than the one offered by South Wales Concrete Pumping! You only get one chance to get your concrete provider right, so make it the best one with our concrete Bristol service!

Why should you choose South Wales Concrete Pumping?

  1. Concrete is incredibly heavy for obvious reasons, if you don’t have the means of transporting and distributing the material then it can be incredibly dangerous to try and handle the product yourself. Let the professionals deliver and pump your concrete.
  2. Estimating how much concrete you need can be problematic at best. A lot of companies will use guesswork and give your approximate figures but they could end up charging a lot more. At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we use accurate measures to help your quote, responding with accurate figures so you can best inform yourself.
  3. Do you need guidance on finishing your concrete? With the concrete Bristol service from our professional worksmen, we help advise your project on the best finishes due to our rich experience in finishing concrete. We have been helping construction projects in the South Wales/South West area for years.

Types Of Concrete Pumps – Concrete Bristol

There are typically two types of pumps that are used for pumping of concrete. Boom pumps are the predominant choice since they are much larger which makes them suitable for industrial & commercial use. These machines are comprised of large boom arms that hold long rubberised tubes that are used to pump the liquid matter through. There are boom pumps that are able to reach up to 65 metres, with a horizontal reach of roughly 300 metres so you can see how useful they are when it comes to difficult to reach areas. Boom pumps have great reach so you don’t have to be relocating your machinery every time you need concrete pumped. Boom pumps are ideal for sites that are working on things like tall buildings, multi-level buildings as well as hard-to-access areas that may need something like a long boom pump to overcome certain obstacles that would stop conventional means of delivering concrete.

There are also domestic level pumps that are trailer mounted which use smaller articulated arms. These are great value for money as the cost associated with hiring a concrete pump isn’t actually that high! When your average concrete pump is capable of pumping concrete at 46m3 per hour, you can see how much work you could actually get done with the addition of a concrete pump on your site! Boom pumps are a great alternative to conventional means so it’s definitely a consideration for a lot of construction sites. This is why so many people choose us a provider when they need concrete in Bristol as our machinery can provide them great benefit.

Truck mounted pumps are also used with a smaller scale of boom pump ranging from 20-60 metres which are ideal for smaller construction projects, perhaps for domestic scale sites. These can sometimes use smaller versions of boom pumps or even telescopic booms which means they are able to reach the most isolated locations which are great for things like floor screed, as you may sometimes need access to the second floor which is sometimes not always achievable when it comes to domestic sites. If you are working on a few floors then pumping of concrete is definitely a consideration to be made since it can give you a lot of benefits.

Most of the larger concrete pumps are powered by the truck’s engine using a PTO configuration, with smaller pumps pulling power from diesel engines. Regardless of the power source, Concrete Supplier Bristolboth small and large scale concrete pumps can add so much value when employed to pump concrete in your site.

Concrete line pumps are great for smaller projects on the domestic scale since they are highly versatile. Pumps of this scale are not only for structural concrete but can also pump liquid matter like grout, screeds & mortar. This is perfect for home renovations which may be using floor screed to cover up the underfloor heating to make sure the elements are fully insulated. Shotcreting is also a possibility with line pumps.

Line pumps are normally meant for lower volumes of concrete than boom pumps so these can be used for projects like pools, pavements and driveways. We have seen many line pumps used for jobs needing concrete Bristol. We’re able to cater for all your needs regardless of sector or scale as we offer a wide range of services from: Concrete Bristol

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We utilise many affordable solutions for concrete, from pumping to delivery of concrete. We have a huge range of services that are ideal for your site, so regardless of your requirements give us a call to find great concrete solutions! We have many clients & jobs in Bristol so for more information about our services please give us a call! – 01633 860 645 or visit our page on Concrete Bristol for more information


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