Best Liquid Screed Swansea

Liquid Screed Swansea

Liquid Screed Swansea – South Wales Concrete Pumping

When it comes to finishing a building, flooring is most often forgotten about until the very last stages of the build since it’s usually one of the last things to happen. Flooring in the form of concrete is a popular choice as liquid screed can coat the floor in a hard and even surface that is perfect for things like underfloor heating where the heat will permeate much more efficiently since the pipes are surrounded. Designed to provide a smooth level surface for all types of buildings, screed can be unbonded or floating. Our operators can pump liquid screed through our pumps to get flooring finished on any floor of your site. For more information about Liquid Screed Swansea please visit our site today!

Screed Used For Flooring:

Liquid Screed Swansea

Liquid Screed Swansea

Liquid screed flooring is an important part of any home. Used for the base of most floors, there is a variety of different materials that are used for flooring. From vinyl, wood to carpet, screed acts as the base for all of these floors. Liquid screed is also very important for those that live in colder areas since screed assists the thermal properties of the home. Recent developments in screed mean that homes that use screed are better insulated than those without.

Liquid screed is one of the most common materials used when it comes to the flooring of a building. Liquid screed easy to manage & makes for a smooth, well-insulated floor that cures quickly. Screed is also flexible in the sense of its use since there’s a lot of different things you’re able to do with screed.

Underfloor Heating:

Screed flooring is a common choice for those who are looking to use underfloor heating since screed can cover underfloor heating very well. Different flooring materials like vinyl and wood are much less effective in creating a solid base for the heat to transfer, essentially losing heat as your floor heating is working.

It’s important to ensure that heat is passed through screed in the most efficient way possible. The liquid forms of screed are much more efficient as they help in forming an air pocket that helps in performing like an insulator between the pipe and the underfloor heating screed. The liquid ones are much better regarding heat conductivity if compared to the traditional ones. It has been observed that the while installing them beneath the floor, much more heat transmission takes place in the areas where the presence of cable is found. It is also important to ensure the fact that you are using the appropriate service provider while using the screed. Proper preparation beg\forehand is required to get done. Otherwise, the occurrence of errors during the installation and functioning procedure may take place. Hiring professional providers is recommended as pumping liquid screed isn’t something you can do easily by yourself.

Liquid Screed for Underfloor Heating:

Liquid screed is honestly the best choice for your flooring if you are thinking about underfloor heating. If you can use it, then we would highly recommend it’s used in your home. It increases the thermal qualities of your home giving you the ability on saving on your energy bills.

A reliable screed service is essential for those who want to have screed pumped in their new home. You may be building a new home, or you could be renovating your existing property, regardless of both types of use require a professional service. Choose the most reliable provider in your area that has lots of experience so that you’re not wasting your money with below board services.

What are the benefits of liquid screed?

There are two types of screed that are used in modern construction, traditional screed & liquid. There are benefits of both kinds however we find liquid screed is suited for a lot of applications. We go through a few of the benefits to outline some advantages of liquid screed.

Quicker Laying: Pouring liquid screed is a lot less difficult than it is to lay concrete screed. Since you’re able to pour & pump liquid screed, it takes less time to pour the same amount of screed as you would with conventional screed. When a building calls for a floating floor, liquid screed is the usual go-to material.

Better Thermal Properties: Liquid screed is much denser than conventional concrete screeds. The liquid suspends a lot more solid particles, meaning there’s less air between the concrete. This makes for a much more thermally effective material which is why it’s almost exclusively used with underfloor heating. You’re also able to reduce the overall depth of the screed if your home favours conventional floor insulation.

Less Shrinking: Unlike traditional screed which is notorious for shrinking, curling & cracking, liquid screed is a lot less sensitive. Liquid screed doesn’t dry or cure like concrete screed does, so it lessens the risk of cracks in the final finish. Curing liquid screed is much easier than letting concrete screed dry out.

Cures & Dries Much Faster: One of the main features that people use liquid screed for is that it dries extremely fast. You’re able to walk on & work on a liquid screed floor in less than 48 hours of pouring. This compared to concrete screed makes a huge difference. This is why a lot of construction workers are opting for liquid screed as it suits tight schedules much better.

Different Types of Liquid Screed:

Best Liquid Screed Swansea

Liquid Screed Swansea

The most popular kinds of screed that are available are sand cement screed and liquid screed. Screed is available in different varieties, some of which are mentioned below. Check them out:

• Sand Cement Flooring Solution

Sand cement flooring solution is considered to be the traditional way of preparing the floor before applying the final touches. In the traditional screed, sand and cement are mixed at a ratio of 3:5. This type has been used since ages for flooring because they are suitable for receiving any floor covering. In fact, fibres can be added in proper ratio into the mixture to eliminate the microcracks and scratches from the surface.

• Sand and Cement along with chemicals

Chemicals can be added to the cement and sand screed to improve the screed property. Additives are often mixed with screed to bring extra strength in the application, and these help the liquid dry faster.

• Liquid Screed

Nowadays, everyone wants their house to look attractive with colourful or functional floors. This is where the importance of a screed comes into the picture. Screed that’s laid properly helps in extending the life of the floor & increases its quality. A bad screed can affect the quality of the floor and re-conditioning the floor can drain your pocket. Utmost care should be taken when choosing the perfect screed company. For a reliable provider of Liquid Screed Swansea give our team a call on 01495 756238


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