Concrete Delivery In Cardiff

We know how time-consuming a big construction project can be, and that’s why we like to help alleviate the stress of trying to organise concrete. We are equipped for, not merely dispensing the concrete but pumping the concrete around your site to anywhere you need it, providing your workforce time to focus on their tasks. There is absolutely no venture too big. We are able to produce however much concrete you might need to complete any project, and our highly trained driver operators can deliver it to the remotest construction sites in Newport.

We work we have got the concrete for your requirements. At South Wales Concrete Pumping, our company offers the very best and speediest suppliswed concrete in South Wales for when you’d like it, ensuring your project proceeds as effortlessly as possible. For swift and inexpensive concrete in Newport, phone 01633 860 645 or visit our website for more information – Concrete Newport

Considering concrete pumping?

A concrete pump can be defined as an apparatus that transfers liquid from one place to another using hydraulic pumps to move the mass. These can be seen in many industrial or commercial scale projects but the filtration of these tools down to domestic sized projects has been apparent over the past few decades since they can be a great benefit to any project because of the dexterity you gain from the addition of a concrete pump in your project.

There are two main types of pumps you can use in your project with those being the boom pump and the line pump. Both offer slightly different things as the form factor dictates their uses. Boom pumps are typically larger machines. The boom arm holds a spool of rubberised tubing that can be extended with the boom, giving you a good reach over objects.

Line Pumps:

Line pumps are better suited for domestic scale projects since they handle smaller amounts of material, which is more manageable for a smaller project. These units are used to pump not only concrete, but they can also dispense concrete screed, structural concrete, grout, mortar, sludge and even foamed concrete. Anything with viscosity is able to be pumped through these pumps and dispensed into the project, so whether you are filling your walls with concrete or laying a new concrete floor a line pump is a huge time and money saver since it takes a lot of labour out of the equation.

The length of the boom pump will determine the reach of the pump, but this can be discussed with the vehicle provider South Wales Concrete Pumping since there are large ranges of apparatus you can use. The larger ones can reach up to 300m so you can imagine the benefits a boom pump.


Concrete Delivery Newport

In order to get the best value for your time & money, you should do some preliminary research. You should look for which type of pump you might need since your project requirements are going to dictate very different uses depending on your specific situation. The boom pumps are ideal to reach over places where manually pouring is not ideal, so something like a cement base for a garden shed is ideal since the boom pump can reach over the majority of garden fences, even if there are other objects in the way like telephone poles, lampposts or trees etc.

Concrete pumps can be seen as an investment but you may be surprised at the quote for your project. Our services paired with our top line concrete make for a high quality but affordable package. This is great for your domestic construction projects. Even if manually hand laying/pouring concrete was cheaper, you are still going to spend more time and labour on dispensing when the same amount of material can be dispensed using a pump at a fraction of the time and usually the cost. A concrete pump can be a great tool especially for those in more niche scenarios.

Knowing what you need:

The first thing to do when shopping around a concrete supplier is to know how much raw concrete you’ll need. Estimate how much concrete your project will require, and you’ll be able to get a better quote. You don’t want to be paying for concrete you won’t end up using. Suppliers will be able to give you actual prices which will help you in the decision making process. Using a concrete calculator is one of the easiest ways to determine the amount of concrete that you will need. With a concrete calculator, you will be able to determine exactly how much is needed to fill in a hole. You just need to know the length, width and height of the area that you want to fill with concrete.

Checking it twice:

Once you know how much you need, you can contact all of the nearby concrete suppliers. Tell them the amount of concrete that you will need and where it needs to be poured. Construction suppliers normally have tools that allow them to pour concrete in hard to reach areas. However, using such tools is time-consuming and can raise the costs significantly.

The important thing to remember when choosing concrete suppliers is to go with those that have experience. Experienced concrete suppliers will be able to get the job done in less time & they won’t compromise the quality. Suppliers that already have a great reputation won’t sacrifice it by providing you with below average concrete. Make sure to take your time and not rush into picking concrete suppliers for your next project.

Why work with South Wales Concrete Pumping?

At SW Concrete Pumping, our concrete is great for a whole number of DIY jobs. Whether for your house, for shed bases, storage space floors, and drives right through to animal stables and housing foundations. We take away the hassle of your concrete mixing and delivering. You decide on when you want your concrete provided – very early morning, Saturdays and Sundays, evenings; we supply whenever you want it. We ensure that we provide you with the correct quantity you would like by mixing the concrete at your location.

The team at South Wales Concrete Pumping understand how hard it is to manage construction projects. We want to help developments/buildings progress further by offering a professional service. We’ve strived to provide one thing, a consistent concrete pumping service that’s cost-effective. Our drivers are capable of delivering professional concrete to your intended area, using a range of pumps to do so! There is no assignment too big, as our fleet have machines capable of managing the biggest sites.

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Considering a Concrete Pumping Service?

We work to the best standards and take pride in each and every concrete delivery which we do. This claim’s fortified up by our countless credentials of BSEN206, BS8500-1, BS8500-2, ISO9001 and our Constructionline certification. This makes sure we always keep providing high-quality concrete pumping we provide you with.

We are professionals in concrete pumping & also have numerous year’s an understanding of producing and supplying high-quality concrete in Newport to all size and different types of tasks.

Our ready mix concrete is suitable for a whole range of residential projects that you might want for your home. From shed bases, garage floors, driveways to animal stables and the foundation of your home. We take the hassle away from concrete mixing and delivery and combine both services, so you’re given ready-mix concrete that’s available for use straight away! You choose when you want specific supplied – whether you’d like it in the early mornings, weekends or nights; we provide your ready mix concrete whenever you want it.

Preparing Your Site For A Concrete Delivery

We want to help any project operate as smoothly & as efficiently as possible when we work with a customer, so we ensure that we’re as punctual as possible with our deliveries. There is also a short list of things you can do to prepare your site, which we’ve listed below:

Prepare the ground – In order for the proper adhesion & laying of your concrete, you need to ensure the area you’re putting the concrete is free from any loose materials & moisture. Moisture will end up warping concrete as it will cause it to contract as it sets & dries.

Prepare your form – If you’re using a form to hold your concrete, you must esure that it’s able to hold the amount of concrete you’re pouring in. A solid wood border is needed in your chosen area.

Add a wire mesh or rebar – A rebar or wire mesh enables you to add stability inside your concrete. This is great especially for significant load-bearing buildings that need extra strength. The difference between a wire mesh and rebar is the strength they provide to the concrete; rebar will divide the concrete more and often will give the concrete rather higher stability, as opposed to the wire mesh is not as strong and will decrease the possibility of any splits showing within your concrete.

We work to the most effective standards and take pride in every ready mix concrete delivery which we do. This is backed up by our countless credentials of BSEN206, BS8500-1, BS8500-2, ISO9001 and our Constructionline certification. Our accreditations are audited every six months to ensure we keep supplying the high-quality ready mix concrete our company offers.

Why use South Wales Concrete Pumping?

We are professionals in preparing ready mix concrete for domestic & commercial customers. We have decades of  knowledge of supplying and delivering premium quality ready mix concrete in Newport. If you need to know more about our concrete service & how we can provide ready mix concrete, browse through the rest of our website or give us a call on 01633 860 645


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