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Concrete Pumping – Can it save me money & time?

Concrete Pumping – Can it save me money & time?

Innovations in construction technology are hard to come by. When it comes to finding tools that provide efficiency & cost-effective, it takes a lot of development to find construction methods that are better than what the industry is currently using. The introduction of concrete pumping as a standard in the past decade or so has most likely contributed to the completion of thousands of projects. The sheer logistical advantages of concrete pumping make this format of concrete laying very beneficial to construction projects around the world. For more information, visit our website: Concrete Pumping Cardiff

Concrete Pumping CardiffTime & Money Savings With Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping has been a valued service in the construciton sector for decades, since it’s early invention in 1957. It’s only been in the past decade or so however that concrete pumping as we know it has been invented, with modern pumps & booms that make the service so much more efficient. With refinements made in the technology used, concrete pumping is a service that can save huge amounts of time & money.

The vehicles that are used for concrete pumping are capable of handling huge volumes of concrete, thus offer the same capacity as normal mixing trucks, with the additional benefit of distribution of the materials. These trucks can give your project a cost-effective concrete solution, provided better flexibility, can give you huge time conservations and overall give better customer satisfaction as these are overall more efficient formats for the distribution & laying of concrete.

Labour costs:

A huge advantage you can gain from concrete pumping trucks can be seen in any job that has used them before. Labour costs are a huge concern with construction projects so minimising total labour use is a huge bonus. Compared to the standard concrete trucks, you could employ a concrete pumping truck for the same all around cost, whilst not having to dedicate workers to lay and smooth the concrete whilst waiting for more materials whilst they finish the cement laying. We see a huge time efficiency gaining with concrete trucks as a team of labourers can finish the concrete in less than an hour depending on the size of the space. The fact we can pump the concrete through however gives us great savings on time. This gives you more workers to allocate into other areas that you wouldn’t able to distribute without the addition of a concrete pumping truck.

This leads on to another related point, as all of these efficiency gains are going to increase your daily productivity, which is a huge cost and time-saving pre-caution. Something that can hinder productivity is “restricted access” sites that will often slow down the progress of the site significantly. Concrete trucks can be hired with extendable boom pumps, which removes the need to hire cranes or other weight-bearing equipment for a smaller site. This way you have everything in an inclusive package that is capable of carrying out every concrete laying related job you could have on your project. No matter on height or length restrictions, any extendable concrete pumping truck will be able to achieve these tasks.

Saving time & money:

You may think that you’re still going to need to hire a concrete mixer to load these pumping trucks, but you’d be mistaken. Many people don’t realise that these trucks come pre-filled & can be re-filled and mixed on site. Most, if not all pumping trucks are back-filled so there is an easy access route to re-fill the tanks, which have a greater capacity than most concrete mixing trucks since they can afford to overload the tanks as they are pumping them out. With a standard concrete truck, they can’t overload their drums, as it’ll complicate the gravity-based unloading operation.

Concrete pumping is a cost-effective option for those looking to improve their efficiency on their site. Construction projects are incredibly time & resource consuming so it’s vital that project managers are looking for ways to improve their processes & practice. If you’re in the market for concrete pumping services and you want to learn more, feel free to browse the rest of our blogs. You can also give our team a call so we can provide a quote for concrete pumping for your needs! Visit our website on – Concrete Cardiff

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