Concrete Pumping Is The Future of Concrete Construction

The Future Of Concrete Construction – South Wales Concrete Pumping

Concrete is one of the most used materials in the world. It is mankind’s favourite construction material by far, using it for residential, commercial and other architectural applications. The concrete industry is worth £1.9 billion in the UK alone, whilst also providing 3.5 million people with jobs. The impact that concrete pumping has on these people and the money that comes into the industry is unfathomable. Concrete pumping isn’t a new invention but the implementation of it has seen a huge modernisation in the past 10 years. Concrete pumping is truly the future of the concrete industry. With its much efficiency than other conventional methods of laying concrete.

When we take a look at the construction industry in general, it’s hard to see huge advancements in the technology used since it’s hard for people to adopt new things that may or may not work. Concrete pumping is one of the exceptions to this rule since it’s hard to ignore the improvements it has over “orthodox” methods of laying concrete.

Future Of Concrete Construction

Whether we know it or not, we’ve all probably benefited from concrete pumping in some form, since they’ve been used to help build some of the most famous buildings in the world. Because of their versatility, concrete pumps are used in a variety of scenarios where traditional methods would fail. Skyscrapers, high rise and other hard to access places used to be a huge pain when it came to laying concrete. With modern concrete pumps, laying concrete in restricted access areas has never been easier.

Who can benefit from concrete pumping?

From owners of construction companies to architects planning out a new plan, concrete pumping pertains to anyone who is involved with the construction/renovation industry. Anyone who uses or makes use of concrete on a daily basis can utilise concrete pumping to benefit them. Efficiency levels alone will improve with the use of concrete pumping, with resources savings to come later as you’ll be able to re-attribute resources to places elsewhere on site.

Concrete pumps have been in use for the past 50 years, helping sites across the UK to complete their projects more reliably than ever. Recent progressions in the industry have produced a range of concrete pumps fit for a multitude of use so that builders can work on their projects much faster. Concrete pumps are now more versatile than they’ve ever been, with special pumps that are able to be used indoors. This is especially useful for those that want to use concrete pumping to pump floor screeds or to fill internal spaces.

Will concrete pumping take away manual labour?

Whilst the appeal of concrete pumping is to save time and money, citing that it will negate the need for manual labour is false. There will always be a need for manual labour on a construction site since you can’t allow machines to do everything. The construction industry will always need the “man-made” element as it’s integral within the industry. Concrete pumping is much more of a tool than an “all in one” solution since you’ll still need manpower to use concrete pumps effectively. To those that are in control/managing a site, concrete pumps allow you allocate workers elsewhere as you won’t need as many workers as you did before to lay concrete. It’s this factor that allows you to save so much time and money since concrete pumping is a tool for your workers to use to speed your project up.

Working with South Wales Concrete Pumping guarentee’s that you’ll be working with a company that priotises it’s own processes to be in line with the future of concrete construction. We’ve been working with concrete pumps for decades, offering our services to those that need it throughout South Wales. From residential developments to industrial renovations, we’ve helped thousands of sites across the UK to achieve their goals and reach their deadlines. If you’d like to work with us, give our team a call on the number on the homepage or take a look at our other blogs to read more about our services. We hope you’ve enjoyed our article anewsering the questions of “What Is The Future of Concrete Construction?”


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