Concrete Delivery In Cardiff

Concrete is an essential material used in modern-day construction. From your residential homes to your industrial buildings, concrete is used everywhere. Finding a reliable supplier of said concrete can be difficult especially when you’re in a city like Swansea as a quick internet search gives you a plethora of choices of concrete suppliers. Rather than stabbing the dark for a decent concrete pumping supplier, you could take a look at who leads the industry in Swansea. South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the leading providers of concrete services in Swansea and the rest of South Wales. With thousands of happy customers both domestic & trade, South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the only concrete providers to be widely recognised and recommended by the masses.

When you’re looking for a professional concrete provider, you could be in need of a particular service. Luckily South Wales Concrete Pumping provides a wide range of concrete services. From dry and wet concrete screeding to concrete pumping, South Wales Concrete Pumping is a leading example of what a concrete company should be. Reliable, consistent and affordable!

Here at South Wales Concrete Pumping, we specialise in providing concrete all over the South Wales region, working with partners across Swansea, Cardiff, Newport and Bristol. This gives people a great amount of convenience as we can provide concrete from a much closer distance.


South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the most reliable concrete providers to both commercial and domestic sites in South Wales. With years of experience providing all types of services to the communities & trades of Swansea, we understand the locale and realise what the people need. We pride ourselves on quality service and product and want to offer nothing but the best to our customers.

If you are trying to find a suitable concrete provider, then South Wales Concrete Pumping can be the best supplier for you. We provide domestic and commercial concrete around the Swansea area to any project big or small. When trying to source a reliable concrete supplier, many are tempted to skip this stage but it does pay off to purchase concrete from a large supplier like us as we can cater for any sized project.

South Wales Concrete Pumping is one of the largest trade concrete suppliers in the South Wales region, offering concrete pumping solutions to hundreds of sites. As a result, our sourced concrete all adheres to BSEN9001 so you are guaranteed quality concrete. We have been supplying professional concrete pumping to our customers for years so you know you are getting a reliable supplier that provides a quality service.

Our Industry Standard Facilities

We use industrial level facilities to create a high-quality product used by hundreds of construction sites around South Wales & Swansea. Our team can produce a variety of different mixes and products depending on your needs. We understand there are many different needs that can be facilitated by a concrete solution. From concrete screed to ready-mix concrete, We can provide a product that fits your needs exactly. With on tap concrete, we can usually provide on the spot concrete with the only wait being delivery. This is great if you find you need more or less concrete on site.

Our advisors can also help you give a rough estimate of the volume of concrete you may need to fill your area which will help with initial quotes and consultations. If you have any special requirements in terms of the volume then don’t be afraid to call us and we can assist you with your needs over the phone.

Our fleet of vehicles & concrete pumps means we can provide any product you may need to deliver and/or distribute the concrete to your site. Whether you need a large mixer for a commercial site, or a small pumping truck to fill your floor screed in your home.


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What Can A Concrete Pump Be Used For?

A concrete pump is defined as a piece of machinery that is usually powered by a diesel engine. The engine powers a pump to suck through concrete through an industrial tube so that it can be transported with great ease. It’s this concept that results in a fantastic tool to save time in even the smallest of construction jobs since you’re able to lay huge amounts of material in a very short space of time. The time savings alone make a concrete pump a worthwhile investment, let alone the savings you could make with labour costs. It only takes a handful of workers to operate a concrete pump, so you’re able to allocate your workers elsewhere.

With years of experience providing Concrete Swansea, our workers are known for providing concise, professional and reliable work when it matters the most. We are a CSCS and CPCS registered company which means our service is held to the highest standard. We undergo regular checks and tests to make sure that we are offering the best product & service so that we uphold the prestige and quality that comes with being CSCS and CPCS registered. From industrial or domestic concrete laying to liquid screeding for foundation work, we are fully equipped to manage & direct your concrete pumping.

If you are considering a concrete pump for your project, then South Wales Concrete Pumping has the best solution for you. From screed or aggregate, let us know so we can help you with your needs!

How Do I Find A Professional Concrete Provider?

With so many budding property developers & renovators, the need for good quality concrete has increased exponentially. With so much urban development happening in Wales, proper concrete supply whether it be on a domestic or commercial level has become increasingly important in order to support the growth that we’re seeing in all major cities like Cardiff, Swansea & Newport. If you yourself are looking for a company to provide concrete for either residential & commercial projects, what type of criteria are you using to find a reliable provider? We take a close look at what makes a leading provider and why using them is a good idea!

The first thing we make sure of is that the provider you’re choosing has the inventory to supply. Otherwise, the provider of your concrete really isn’t capable of providing anything. If they are a small firm that only deals with low volume projects, then it may not be the best company for you. If you’re looking for concrete for commercial purposes, you’ll need a larger company. When looking at a company, you can make a judgement on their scale as a general rule of thumb on the types & sizes of projects they’re dealing with.

A single worker with a small concrete pump won’t be able to cope with your commercial demands. Because of the larger quantities involved in commercial jobs, you need much bigger equipment. Asking the concrete supplier in question if they’re able to provide the raw material for your project isn’t considered a rude question. It’s important to know how much they can actually handle so that they aren’t going to strain their processes by completing your order. This also minimises downtime too, as you won’t be waiting for your order to be fulfilled if any logistical errors occur.

Why Work With SW Concrete Pumping?:

If you’re leading part of a large construction project then you can understand the difficulties of downtime, which is why a company like South Wales Concrete Pumping makes sure they’re on top of all factors of transport and supply. South Wales Concrete Pumping has worked with some of the biggest companies in Wales. Dealing with a plethora of different sized jobs, giving them an extensive understanding of all types of requirements!

When it comes to concrete supply, distance and location come into play. In this case, there’s something to be said for using a local supplier. National companies don’t always have distribution centres/concrete supplies near your location. This means your concrete is being delivered from hundreds of miles away. This increases the chance of delays, logistical errors and everything else that may delay your work. Working with a company that is able to provide concrete locally also means they’re able to supply materials & vehicles at very short notice.

Imagine if you’ve hired a concrete boom pump from a company that is 100’s miles away & that pump breaks down. That company won’t be able to do anything to rectify the issue for at least a day. A local company can send out a technician to repair the pump, or even send out a new one.

A cornerstone product that we offer is our concrete pumping service. Concrete pumping is a service something that most sites consider. The benefits it can bring to a construction site are huge & are worth considering since it can reduce overheads. Concrete pumping will reduce the time spent laying concrete especially in large areas where other methods would be slower.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Concrete?

A widespread myth about concrete that floats is that concrete will dry as it sets but the opposite is true! It seems like a lot of people believe this myth. Damp concrete sets much better than dry concrete. Most if not all types of concrete strengthen as they are drying. This means that too much water can be counterproductive to the curing.

Curing allows concrete to reach its optimal strength, which makes it essential if concrete is being used to bear weight. Curing is a process that occurs after the concrete has been applied. Concrete is usually fully cured after four weeks of curing achieving around 90% of its overall strength. This is disregarding aggregates & reinforcements like rebar since these can both increase curing time as well as increasing strength.

While concrete is curing, the climate of the concrete does need to be monitored and controlled carefully. Climate will affect the curing heavily, therefore making it vital to the success of the curing process. Concrete suppliers often spray curing compounds to speed up the hardening process. Some providers will also use water retaining films, which makes the curing is in its ideal climate to harden.

Are you looking for a commercial concrete supplier in the Swansea area? If so, South Wales Concrete Pumping is your solution! Our teams can be of assistance as we can supply you with a huge range of concrete services. Choose from our range to help you finish your construction project on or ahead of schedule.


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