Different Types of Concrete

Different Types of Concrete – South Wales Concrete Pumping

There are many different types of concrete available out there. We have gone through and gathered some of the main types that you may need some further information about. We hope that providing you with some benefits of the different types of construction material listed will help you make an informed decision on what material is best for your needs.

Different Types of ConcretePre Mixed

This type of concrete is renown for being very versatile and easy to use. The construction material will arrive at the site of construction pre-mixed and ready to be used for the required purpose. This construction material is also very cost effective as all the transportation and the mixing of the material is taken care of compared to other materials that must be transported by yourself. This uses up time and money and this is why pre-mixed concrete is considered one of the best options available. We have discussed the benefits of pre-mixed concrete further in our latest blog.

Bagged / traditional

This type of option is definitely considered to be one of the most common. Bagged-Concrete is everywhere it is used around the country as a perfect solution for small construction needs. This is definitely a very cost effective options available on the market but it must be mixed on site compared to pre-mixed which arrives at the site mixed and ready to use.

High performance

This is easily known as one of the most durable options available on the market. This construction material is best suited for those who require the concrete to be extremely durable and be able to withstand great amounts of weight.


This type of concrete is constructed off the site of construction and is made in factory conditions. Precast refers to the material being formed into the required shape before the delivery to the construction site. This removes the process of mixing the concrete and curing on site as the concrete is precasted before the delivered to the construction site. This construction material simply needs to be put in the required location on arrival.

High density

The use of high-density concrete is most common in locations that will receive a lot of force and wear and tear. This material is definitely considered as another extremely durable option and is perfect for a wide range of situations. This option is definitely considered as one of the heaviest in weight and this is due to its very high density.


This is a great alternative to the flooring used is many constructions around the UK. Limecrete is a combination of hydraulic lime and sharp sand or glass fibers. Limecrete is also considered to be a better alternative when referring to the negative effect on the environment. Limecrete is becoming increasingly more common throughout the UK and should definitely be considered when deciding on what is the best option for your needs.

Sprayed concrete is otherwise known as shotcrete

Shotcrete is a great option to consider when deciding what type of concrete is best for your individual situation. A shotcrete is simply a form of concrete which is sprayed into the required location. Shotcrete is most commonly sprayed onto a reinforced framing to ensure that the shotcrete sets in the correct location and offers the level of support that is expected.

We understand it can be very confusing to find the perfect type of concrete. That is why our professional team has gathered a range of forms and alternatives of concrete to help you find the perfect material for your construction needs. We hope that this blog will help make that choice simpler.


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