Floor Screed Cardiff
Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed in Cardiff Provided by South Wales Concrete Pumping

South Wales Concrete Pumping supply floor screed and concrete pumping to Cardiff and the surrounding towns in South Wales, such as Newport, Swansea and Pontypool. With a highly qualified and knowledgeable team, there is no concrete pumping or floor screed job that is too complicated or big. Our concrete pumping is suitable for any job including those with difficult access or complex form owork configurations. We have been CSCS approved to be a professional and reliable concrete laying and floor screed Cardiff installation company in Cardiff and South Wales. For more information about Floor Screed Cardiff please visit our page today.

What is Screed?

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

Traditional screed comprised of sand and cement is mixed at a ratio of 3 to 5 parts sand and 1 part cement. Previously, a hex wire or chicken wire mesh was used to reinforce the floor screed and ensure that it set correctly with no sections with less screed. Depending on the weather, a normal screed can take 24 – 48 hours to set and be safe to walk on and put your finish on to cement. Previously, a hex wire or chicken wire mesh was used to reinforce the floor screed and ensure that it set correctly with no sections with less screed. Depending on the weather, a normal screed can take 24 – 48 hours to set and be safe to walk on and put your finish on to.

Screed can be used in a variety of ways. One usage is to level out floors in both commercial and residential building so that they are safe to work or live on. Another usage is to protect you existing concrete flooring. Floor screed is extremely durable and can be used in wet environments to stop any leaks or damp affecting your building, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Some versions of screed, such as our Gyvlon Flowing Screed, provides noise insulation to stop any noise pollution from spreading to your neighbours beneath your building. This is especially vital if your commercial building uses loud equipment at early and late hours. The heat installation property too will lower your bills due to heat not being able to escape through the floor and insulate your rooms so the heat stays in.

At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we also supply the fast drying Topflow Screed C Benitez. Not only does it dry quickly (120cm squared in 45 minutes, as opposed to 24 hours), it pours easily and fills all gaps that may have appeared. It does not shrink either so we can guarantee that your entire area has been covered by the screed with no gaps or cracks for your finish to be ruined. The easy, free-flowing floor screed product is easy to install too with a professional finish being visible once it has dried.

South Wales Concrete Pumping is a concrete provider based in South Wales, operating in all surrounding areas from Newport to Cardiff. We are heavily experienced with floor screeding, liquid screeding and other types of pumpable screed that you may require in your construction. We have a level of care and detail that is unmatched by other providers, separating us from the rest of the floor screed providers. Many of the providers that we come across only focus on providing cheap screed which is a false economy, as the overall quality just isn’t satisfactory.

Floor Screed Cardiff

Floor Screed Cardiff

In the last decade or so, liquid floor screed has been an increasingly popular option that has replaced traditional forms of screed. Floor Screed needs to be pumped and laid by professionals who know what they are doing. Even though floor screed seems like an easy material to work with, it’s incredibly difficult to utilise it’s useful properties if you don’t know what you are doing. Floor screed needs to be pumped and laid with care since the final finish all depends on the preparation and pumping process. Proper preparation will ensure the screeds longevity and durability, whereas any ill-equipped providers that don’t know what they are doing may ruin the structural integrity of the screed, wasting materials, time and money.

Like we’ve stated, floor screed needs to be applied by professionals otherwise you aren’t ensuring a quality finish when the screed drys. South Wales Concrete Pumping has years of knowledge and experience behind them making them a leading provider of all types of floor screed in Cardiff.

Our floor screed teams are equipped with the latest equipment to make sure the work they carry out is perfected. They have decades of experience between them, with accreditations and training that other competitors can’t match. All of the work we carry out is either to our exact customer’s specifications or to our high standards if needed. Our prices are also very competitive, and with the quality, you’re getting you are getting great value for money with our floor screed service.

We are able to scale our service to your requirements whether it be domestic or commercial. We have a rich fleet of vehicles to assist your construction project. Whether you’re looking for floor screed to install underfloor heating or a brand new concrete floor for a multi-storey building, we’re able to provide the appropriate equipment for your needs.

Because of our rich knowledge and experience, we can always offer and provide the exact service you need for your construction project, whether it be traditional screed, liquid screed or floor screed. We’re able to apply ourselves to any project you may have, assisting you in more ways than just providing floor screed. If you need help with ways of pumping screed into your property, we can assist you with restricted access pumping. Our floor screeds are pumped and installed with laser precision, using perfect zero levels to guarantee a completely level floor.

The Different Types of Screed:

  • Unbonded – The floor screed can then be covered with a floor finish for your room.
  • Bonded – The existing concrete is covered with a bonding agent and then topped with your floor screed, which can then be finished with a flooring.
  • Floating – Floor screed covers your heating elements such as underfloor heating and a damp proof membrane before the screen can be then finished with a flooring such as a carpet or wood.

Our highly knowledgeable team have all been trained and are all qualified to install your floor screed to the highest of quality. We endeavour to give you a personalised experience and plan every detail of your floor screed installation down to the final drop.

At South Wales Concrete pumping, we supply floor screed and concrete to Cardiff and the surrounding areas in South Wales, such as Newport, Pontypool and Swansea. Our hard working team uses the best of equipment had supplies to ensure that you are receiving the best floor screed or concrete laying that is possible. If you would like to know more, please visit or call our showroom on 01633 508693, and one of our friendly team will help you out with choosing the best product and method for you.

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