Floor Screed South Wales

Floor Screed South Wales

Floor Screed South Wales

Floor Screed Supplied to You By South Wales Concrete Pumping

South Wales Concrete Pumping supply high quality concrete and screed to the areas surrounding Cardiff and the other surrounding South Wales areas, such as Newport, Pontypool, Swansea, and take pride in every project that they undertake. We can supply, mix and lay your screed for you whether it be needed for a commercial or residential premises. Our wealth and years experience of screed-laying knowledge gives you a quality finish and a floor that you can guarantee will last for many years. Call our knowledgeable today on 01633 508693 to find out more about our high quality Floor Screed South Wales for your commercial or residential property.

What is Screed?

Floor Screed South WalesScreed is a thin, top layer of cement based material laid over a concrete subfloor. South Wales Concrete Pumping use high quality, fast drying Topflow Screed C Belitex which is pumped into your required space and able to cover after 14-21 days of drying. It’s quick installation means that 120cm squared area can be laid in 45 minutes, opposed to an entire working day with traditional floor screed. The fast installation and drying time does not mean that quality is lost, as the floor screed stay flexible and strong. Another benefit is that Topflow Screed C Belitex does not require sanding after as it sets with a professional finish.

South Wales Concrete Pumping in South Wales also supply Gyvlon Flowing Screed which is a mixture of Gyvlon binder, additives, and aggregates to produce a pumpable, smooth finishing and easy flowing screed for an easy application to your required area. Gyvlon floor screed provides your residential or commercial property with added insulation so you are not losing any heat through your floor screed. It also reduces the amount of noise escaping from your floor to beneath floors, which is useful in an industrial building where loud equipment is used.

Floor screed is laid at a thickness ranging from 25mm for bonded screed up to 65mm for floating screed which sits over underfloor heating. However, the thickness can also depend on the amount of usage and pressure the floor screed will have, for example, industrial and heavy traffic areas will require thicker screed to provide extra protection to the concrete or under floor heating beneath. Our team in South Wales can advise you on the best thickness for your floor screed.

Why Do I Need Screed?

Floor screed can be applied to an existing floor to upgrade its appearance and give it a professional finish, or can be used to level off an existing floor. When dry, screed is extremely durable and can provide protection to your underfloor heating. It is also suitable for wet environments to protect your property from the risk of flooding and damp.

Floor Screed South WalesIf your property in South Wales or the surrounding areas is a commercial building such as a factory or a shop, floor screed can add to your customer experience and ensure that your floor is protected and durable for many years to come. Floor screed with underfloor heating in your home can make it more comfortable and lower heating bills as heat cannot escape through the poorly insulated flooring. Floor screed also reduces your properties risk of water leaks damaging the structure and causing major problems.

What are the Types of Screed?

There are 3 main types of screed which vary depending on the surface that you are applying your screed on to:

  • Bonded – This means the screed is directly put onto the base of your commercial or residential property. The existing concrete is covered with a bonding agent and then topped with your floor screed, which can then be finished with a flooring.
  • Unbonded – This means the screed is laid on top of a damp proof membrane which covers the existing concrete. The floor screed can then be covered with a floor finish for your room.
  • Floating – This means the screed is applied over a layer of insulation, such as underfloor heating and a damp proof membrane before the screen can be then finished with a flooring such as a carpet or wood.

You can guarantee your floor screed and concrete pumping work will be completed to a high quality by our skilled and qualified team. Our team in South Wales will provide you will a personalised service that has been planned in every detail to suit you and your project, from concreting to floor screeding.

At South Wales Concrete Pumping, we supply high quality screed to domestic and commercial properties across Cardiff, Newport, Pontypool, Swansea and the other surrounding areas of South Wales, as well as affordable concrete lying to fit rooms of any size and shape. If you are interested in updating your commercial or residential property with floor screed, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 01633 508693 to find out more about our Floor Screed in South Wales

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