Reliable concrete pumping for restricted access projects across Cardiff and Newport

Superior quality of work guaranteed

Reliable concrete pumping for restricted access projects across Cardiff and Newport

Superior quality of work guaranteed

Why Choose Us?

South Wales Concrete pumping is expert in restricted access concrete delivery where it’s impossible or too time-consuming to either barrow the concrete into its resting place. As specialists in delivering concrete throughout the South Wales area, we can ensure that no matter where you need your concrete delivered to, we will have the equipment to do just that. Whatever your requirement just get in touch and our restricted access concrete pumping experts will be glad to help.

Restricted Access:

We use several ways to deliver the concrete to those hard-to-reach areas, most jobs can be accessed by either ground pipes or if needed we have a variety of concrete booms which can reach over any fixed objects and deliver the concrete to the pour site. Pretty much any distance can be catered for so just get in touch and we will be able to help.

When you choose us, you can expect individual attention and personalised services. If you require levelled concrete for underfloor heating, you can come to us for our liquid screeding services. For our services in South Wales, Pontypool, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bristol and the neighbouring areas, get in touch with South Wales Concrete Pumping today.

We’ve been building our relationship & reputation with our customers for years, providing our customers with the highest quality of concrete from the best suppliers. We are proud to offer a quality service paired with our experience & expertise with all of our concrete pumping services. Our team are dedicated to delivering a professional service that’s cost-effective and reliable, ensuring a quality service is given every time we are called out.

We want to provide professional & informed advice to our customers rather than just selling our services since we want your project to succeed. Concrete pumping is generally a time-saving tool, so we work with that mindset on helping our customers hit their goals, reach their deadlines and get the project done right! We’ve always stuck with this mindset which is why we have such a loyal customer base, as honest service is hard to beat!

Restricted access concrete pouring is a specialist type of concrete delivery that many concrete suppliers either do not or cannot do. It’s vital therefore that you use South Wales Concrete Pumping for your project to ensure you are not left high and dry when it comes to the tricky bits of your concrete pour. 

Your concrete pour job could require something as simple as a slightly smaller concrete delivery lorry such as a minimax vehicle, if this is the case then just let us know and we can arrange everything for you to ensure your pour is completed most cost-effectively to suit your job. 

South Wales Concrete Pumping is your go-to Concrete company for whom no job is a complicated job. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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