Liquid Screed Cardiff

Liquid Screed Cardiff

A professionally laid screed floor can increase the lifespan of your flooring exponentially, making sure the flooring lasts as long as the rest of the building should! A professional liquid screed provider will be able to provide a quality service that is not only reliable but consistent job to job. Liquid screed shouldn’t change from batch to batch as you don’t want one floor that is different to the next. Good liquid screed companies will have a pre-mixed screed that they can depend on. (For direct contact with our team about our Liquid Screed Cardiff service please visit our contact page here)

Choosing the right company

Liquid Screed Cardiff

Liquid Screed Cardiff

Poorer quality companies will undoubtedly be estimating mixtures, giving inconsistent and unreliable results when it comes to the lifespan and performance of screed floors. Work that is poorly carried out won’t be worth the materials it’s used since the screed would have cured incorrectly and would have most likely left a poor quality finish too. Poor quality work can also cost the property since it could take thousands to uproot the dried screed in order to repair the shoddy work. Bad quality screed can also cause major structural issues & ramifications so it’s best to rely on a liquid screed provider that knows what they’re doing!

When people in the trade consider consistent and reliable work, they think about South Wales Concrete Pumping. We are an independent liquid screed provider that has been serving Cardiff and surrounding areas for years. We are one of the most popular companies for liquid screed and other forms of concrete pumping in South Wales and indeed the South West, providing reliable services for both commercial projects as well as domestic.

With decades of experience between our office and concrete teams, we’re a uniform unit that provides nothing but a quality service for our clients. We like to perpetuate friendship and loyalty with our customers since it’s our client base that makes up what we’re about here at South Wales Concrete Pumping. With a rich history of knowledge and experience, we’re the only leading provider of liquid screed and other concrete pumping services that you can rely on! No hidden fee’s, no difficulty and no fuss!

Based in South Wales, we’re an accredited contractor providing all types of liquid screed. We’ve helped thousands of people complete their construction project, laying quality screed for whatever purpose they require. If you’re interested in our previous projects, you can take a look at our gallery page to see what and who we’ve worked with before! If you have any enquiries for our team you can reach them through our contact form or call our friendly office staff to discuss your projects!

Liquid Screed Cardiff – Underfloor Heating

There are several benefits that liquid screed can bring you that traditional screeds like sand and cement mixtures cannot. Liquid screed is the preferred choice when it comes to installing underfloor heating and there are a few reasons why that is.

Liquid screed has unique characteristics that make it very effective in the transfer of heat. As a material, it’s very effective in its transfer of heat, taking the warmth from heating elements like the ones used in underfloor heating, and spreading that heat evenly across itself. It’s these properties that make it such a great material to use with underfloor heating, making it much more efficient and actually reducing the running costs of underfloor heating.

Liquid Screed In Cardiff

Liquid Screed In Cardiff

Liquid screed leaves no voids underneath the flooring when used with underfloor heating since the screed flows freely around the heating pipes. No voids in the screed will mean that there is a better transfer of heat, allowing the heat to diffuse itself evenly across the screed floor.

Even when used without under-floor heating, liquid screed still has great benefits over traditional sand and cement screed. New forms of liquid screed are much more viscous & robust than traditional forms of liquid screed meaning it can be possible to reduce the thickness of liquid screed to much thinner levels when dispensed.

Liquid screed doesn’t have to be used in combination with underfloor heating, as it can be a great material for flooring itself! When it comes to finishing a building, liquid screed is an effective material just about anyway you can use it! With its ability to be dispensed easily and quickly, liquid screed is a material that will save you time and money regardless of the project you’re in. Liquid screed, if pumped correctly can be cured to an amazing finish, leaving no need for further work to polish or finish the surface of the flooring!

Liquid Screed Curing

Liquid screed can also dry in record time, allowing for further and quicker progress to be made in your construction project. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a commercial or domestic scale service, everyone can benefit from a quicker service with less waiting periods. In ideal weather and humidity conditions, forms of liquid screed that we provide can be dry in 24 to 48 hours! Curing will take longer but the screed will be ready for light use in this short period of time! This allows you to progress with other aspects of your building project, increasing productivity and reducing downtime & delay!

Like we’ve stated before, we’ve helped thousands of clients across South Wales with their building projects, from Newport, Swansea, Port Talbot & Cardiff. We’re proud to be a leading provider of liquid screed and other types of concrete and take pride in the service we offer.

What is liquid screed? Is it the same as ready-mix screed?

Liquid screed & ready-mixed concrete are made out of the same fundamental materials, like cement, aggregate & water. The main difference between screed & concrete is the size of the aggregate used & the consistency of the overall mix. There are also different types of cement used but this is only needed for certain uses.

There is a range of commercial & industrial uses for screed, which means that the three listed ingredients can change to better suit a particular use. Liquid screed will tend to use finer concrete & aggregates in order to flow better as well as set better as it’s largely used for flooring.

Liquid Screed – Benefits For Your Construction Project

Screed has not always been as refined & useful as it is now, with failure in screed becoming commonplace on sites that have employed unreliable providers. These novice companies will be using cheaper mixes for their screed, rendering the final product shoddy & cheap. Because of this, contractors and engineers alike have to be careful who they can rely on to provide a quality screed mix, and who they have to avoid. Luckily South Wales Concrete Pumping has a proven track record with thousands of commercial partners in Cardiff, supplying sites with quality liquid screed for whatever purpose they require.

Liquid screed, as the name suggests is screed that is able to be pumped through a concrete pump. Whether it be a huge boom pump for a 40 story skyscraper or a trailer-mounted pump for a smaller job, liquid screed makes easy work of any task you throw at it. We have specialist mixes that are suitable for all uses, with floor screeding being a huge one. We’ve helped many construction sites with their flooring, providing quality liquid screed that they can rely on. We also have a range of special access vehicles that enable us to access any construction site where there may be restricted access, as we’ve found that no one construction site is the same. We’re ready for all eventualities,

Why Choose South Wales Concrete Pumping?

Leading Quality – When it comes to a quality product, South Wales Concrete Pumping understands what it really means. Quality doesn’t just come in pre-mixed screeds, as it takes industry knowledge to understand what goes into a quality screed mix. We’re held to the highest EU & UK quality standards, making sure our product meets the array of quality & consistency checks. We don’t want any human errors to seep into our end product, so we carry out stringent checks to ensure that every screed order is met with the highest quality.

We make sure that we aren’t a “one batch” company, making sure our product is as good as the last batch. Consistency is key as we want our clients to come back so that we can develop professional relationships to continue to work with each other!

Convenience – This may be an odd benefit, but what we’re really trying to say is that we can take the load off your back when it comes to organising screed. We’re keen to provide a straightforward service that takes the stress away from managing liquid screed, offering our expertise so that you don’t have to bother yourself with the hassle. Rest assured, our service speaks for itself, so quality nor affordability should be a problem when it comes to our liquid screed service!

Saves Site Space – Our liquid screed isn’t going to be stored on site since we’ll provide vehicles to store & transport the screed to where it’s needed! This is why our service is favoured by big and small construction sites alike since we don’t clutter any site space with onsite screed. We provide it, and it’s pumped where it needs to be on the day!

We have a few common uses for our liquid screed below:

  • House floors
  • Conservatory floors
  • Shed/garden-room floors or bases
  • Moulded Steps
  • Garage floors
  • Industrial Floors

When it comes to liquid screed, quality is key. It’s important to not scrimp on the quality of your screed as it’s usually one of the main parts of the building that you’ll see when the construction has finished! Your project is only as good as the materials you build it with, so ensure top quality with South Wales concrete Pumping!

If you would like more information about the liquid screed service as well as liquid screed in Cardiff, take a look at the rest of our website for more informative articles or give our team an email or call today and speak to one of our advisors! We take an active role in helping our clients so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us! Visit our page to find out more about our liquid screed – Liquid Screed Cardiff


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