Using Concrete Pumping On Your Site

Benefits of Using Concrete Pumping On Your Site:

If you’re working in the industry, you would have used or at least heard of concrete pumps. Concrete pumps have now become almost necessary pieces of equipment. Because of the amount of time they can save, pumps offer great value to any construction site. Time savings often result in financial savings since you are paying for less labour.

Conventional concrete laying takes a lot more time than concrete pumping takes. We’d always recommend the use of concrete pumps if your project allows it! Concrete pumps dispense everything from ready mix concrete to screeds making them versatile. There are even boom pumps & restricted access pumps that allow access to hard to reach areas.

South Wales Concrete Pumping can provide a range of concrete pumps that you’re able to use for a variety of sites. Depending on your requirements, the type of equipment you’ll use will change. When you are considering concrete pumps, you should think about the following:

Concrete pumping on your siteAre you looking for a concrete supplier in the South Wales area?

If so we can be of assistance. We can supply you with a huge range of concrete services to help you finish your construction project on or ahead of schedule. Our services are fully inclusive and are catered for every project. If you’re thinking of using concrete pumping on your site, inquire with us today on 01633 860645

Whether you’re looking to hire a concrete pump, you want to be reassured that you’re getting the right thing. Equipping yourself with the right pumps for the job is important. You don’t want to be hiring the wrong equipment only to find out on the day you need it. Ready mix concrete pumps can range in size, capacity & overall function as you can have particular pumps that are suited for a certain scale of project. You must find the right type of equipment for your site since you don’t want to be overspending for equipment that isn’t suited for your plan.

If you’re unsure of what types of pump you need, speak to our team who can advise you. They’ll be able to note your requirements and find the perfect concrete pumps for your project. Give us a call on 01633 860645

How much concrete will I need?:

It can be hard to calculate how much concrete you require for your project. When you speak with our team, they’ll help to figure out how much concrete you need to finish your construction. Whether it’s ready mix concrete or floor screed, we can work to find the right amount you need.

Will my site allow for a concrete pump?:

Not all sites are going to have the open space needed for most concrete pumps to operate from on-site. This, however, can be circumnavigated by “restricted access” concrete pumping. As a service, we offer pumps that can reach areas that are hard to work with using conventional methods. This way, any site can make use of concrete pumping to speed up their concrete laying process.

How much space do you have on-site?

Making sure you know the amount of concrete you need is essential for any project. You should always check the site before you enquire so you have an idea of how much you need. Work with our team today! We can provide an accurate quote straight away! You should also consider if you’re going to need a concrete pump for your use. 

We can provide professional equipment to help you save space on site. Our team know that space is hard to come by when it comes to smaller construction projects. We work with you to make sure we’re able to provide the concrete you need in a quick & easy way.


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